The flagship product of DEP – MeshWorks is ideally suited to execute concept design studies of products be it automobiles, trains, planes or industrial products such as power tools and appliances.

The power of MeshWorks lies in its ability to morph a legacy Finite Element (FE) mesh or legacy CAD data to new design styles. On one hand it provides a good platform for FE analysis to drive design – which is the most efficient way of product development since it eliminates the costly CAD-FE-CAD iteration cycles but on the other side it’s powerful design enabling modules and parametric creation modules help modify designs rapidly to do very fast what-if studies of several designs.

A concept design can also be evolved from an approximate design space created using MeshWorks by means of topology optimization – the results of which would then lend itself to the design of actual structural members as suggested by the analysis.

Concept design work involves both structural and aesthetically elegant work. To that end, the MeshWorks Computer Aided Surfacing module is a powerful tool to evaluate two or more alternatives of the exterior design of a vehicle or product to evaluate aesthetic appeal.


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