DEPのアプリケーション特化型 無人航空機システム(UAS) Garudaが、ドローン業界に革命をもたらす

June 22, 2020

DEP’s application-specific unmanned aerial system (UAS) - Garuda, developed using Drone Technology is turning out to be game-changers across industries

June, 2020

With the increasing use of autonomous machinery in our day-to-day lives, the influence of drone technology across verticals is extraordinary. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are turning out to be game changers in multiple sectors with special emphasis on defense, entertainment, agriculture, and ecommerce sectors. Their applications are known for real-time monitoring, wireless coverage provision, remote sensing, delivery of goods, photography, precision in agriculture and surveillance.

DEP’s product engineering team set out to develop an application specific unmanned aerial system (UAS). DEP’s approach consisted of designing the airframe, deterrence method, radio control & autopilot, camera, power, ground control, drive train, and pre-flight systems. For the airframe, Garuda incorporates the conventional twin propeller airplane layout rather than flying wing type, which was initially proposed. DEP also provides a comprehensive list of pre-flight system checks and failure management tips.

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