DEP Chief Innovation Officer, Karthik Shankaran:ギア、モーター、トランスミッション市場の現状と品質を維持しながらコストを低減する方法について語る

June 22, 2020

DEP's Chief Innovation Officer, Karthik Shankaran talks about gear, motor, and transmission market and how industry leaders work on improving cost efficiency without compromising on quality

June, 2020

Gears and motors are a fairly well-established technology, and recently, there has been renewed interest in gear-motors, following a trend in integrated systems in general. More specifically, rising energy costs are driving the demand for improved process efficiencies. This presents an opening for gear-motors that can be used in a variety of applications and represents a tremendous opportunity for global energy savings.

The gear-motor industry is expanding in developing countries, owing to rising industrialization and infrastructural development activities. Increasing wind power installations and the low cost and compact nature of the equipment are major factors driving the global gear-motor market. The gear, motor, and transmission segments that are moving towards mobility will stay stable for the foreseeable future.

Karthik Shankaran, our CIO points out that, “This will impact the associated industries as well, for instance, the tooling required for the connecting rods and piston. The volume of such tooling required will go down”.

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